De-Google Yourself

Some notes on my attempt to use fewer Google services and to replace them with self hosted open source alternatives.

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Directus Strava

An extension I wrote for the Directus to easily and automatically backup strava activities. I believe in controlling your own data but Strava has many useful integrations with other apps and devices so this allows me to get the best of both worlds.

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Bank Holiday Caving

Some photos from the bank holiday spent caving in Yorkshire. A trip from Pool Sink to Lancaster Hole on Saturday and then into Toyland in Valley Entrance on Sunday

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Idåsen Controller

Ikea sell a motorised standing desk, made by Linak. The desk comes with a phone app to control it via bluetooth but there's no version for the desktop. I did a little digging and scripting to fix this oversight.

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More photos and none of them better

Developing very slowly from non-photographer to extremely bad photographer. Here are some more cave photos from 2013.

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Kindle Dashboard

Second hand Kindles are a cheap source of linux driven eink displays. They are a bit janky and hard to work with but with some effort you can get them displaying custom text and images. The classic project is a low power weather/calendar display, and thats what I did.

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First Attempts At Cave Photography

I thought I'd go through my cave photos and try and pick out highlights in chronological order. These are some of my first photos underground from 2012/13.

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Dover To Deal Walk

A walk out from the busy port of Dover, over the famous white cliffs, and down onto the long promenade of Deal.

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Hiking Around London

Getting out of London is an important part of living in London so here is a post about some attempts to see the surprisingly nice countryside within a train's journey away. I also made a track viewing app.

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Docker Composer

A script I wrote for managing interdependent docker services; what is it, how does it work, and why would you use it.

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